Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Artistic Figures in Cloth

I think I'm still numb from all the fun had at AFIC.  I have to share a couple of pics from this grand adventure.  I had taught two classes Flopsy and the Little Folk.  What awesome trolls were born in Columbus OH. 
I met with old friends and of course made new ones.  And yes, I wore my apron and did quite well.  

I took my class on a shopping trip and a field trip.  Leslie was so happy to see us, plus she let us eat some of those great treats one of her students had brought.  How cool is that?!?  Yeap!!  Guess you had to be there!

Nancy Jo Hill was so excited that she thought you had to sew on the floor.  OMG that is a dedicated student.  Plus she let me wear one of her Sweaters, cause I was cold.  

So later today I will size my photo's and get them put up on my website under the "Workshop"page.  For all of you who took my class..........Thanks!! I had a ball.  I want to "Thank" Barb Swain who gave me a very special present, that totally caught me off guard.  Thanks Barb for the awesome purse.

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Ree said...

OH WHAT FUN! You lucky duck! I am so glad you and the ladies had a ball! I cannot wait until we can get outta Memphis and some place nice where I can play too!
Loved seeing the pics and smiles!
Xoxoxxx Ree