Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visit to NY

Back from NY!  We arrived Thurs.........the main purpose was for a visit to NYU.  After our tour of the college we spent the rest of the weekend in the City.  WOW!!!  Everything is bigger, closer, fuller and way more crowded then anything you'll see in Lincoln NE.  A great time was had wondering the streets.  Going in and out of stores and tasting foods and more.  One of the stops was made at Mood Fabrics. OMG!!  You don't even know where to look first.  This picture does not do the store justice.

And of course once we found the first store there were tons more like it up one side of the street
 and down the other.  It was way cool.  I bought two pieces of fur.

On Saturday we checked out this Flea Market at the Garage.  It was a good think I flew.  My big purchase was this awesome pocket watch.  It was great fun, but there's "No place like home."


Kaerie Faerie said...

I would love to go to New York, and just fabric shop, Florida has a lot of great Quilt shops, and Chicago where I'm from originally has very few fabric shops anymore.
You are so lucky, maybe soon I'll plan a trip!
I saw my Shortie marching around the yard this morning begging the French Faeries for goodies, we gave her some cake, and she was very happy!
Kaerie Faerie

Joyce Peggy said...

Hello, your trip to NYC sounds like great fun. My question is would you like to take a trip to Seneca, South Carolina?. My doll club would like to discuss with you coming to teach us a class. This is the only way I can find to get a hold of you. please e-mail me back so we can discuss this possiblity. Thank you Your dolls are just great. JPeggy