Tuesday, May 19, 2009

California Adventure has begun

Last weekend we (my husband & I) flew to California to do some house hunting.  We arrived at rush hour traffic.  We looked at homes in Valencia, Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Plum Creek and more.  Looked at a lot of homes ranging in all ages.  Most of the older homes needed way to much TLC.  Some of the new ones just didn't fit our needs.  In the end we found one that we both loved and my fingers are crossed.  Oh' so are my toes.

We even saw a home where the literally took the entire kitchen.  It was a long three days, but I feel like we made progress.  So now we sit and wait.  The area is beautiful and I can't wait to start creating new trolls.

Not sure if my dog will like the hot weather, but I suppose he'll get used to it.  I'll have to be very selective when downsizing my goodies, cause none of the homes had basements.  One of the things I'm looking forward to are the swap meets.  That is something we don't have here in NE.  So as you're reading this be sure to send good vibes for the home we totally love.


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Ah Canyon Country ... yes it does get hot out there. But some A/C will make it nice during the heat of the summer. That's not too far from my very first job ever at Magic Mountain. Before they became Six Flags their mascot was this big colorful troll. :-)

Pattee said...

I want to live in California!!!!
I love parts of it... But mostly Northern Ca..
Good luck to you!!!!

flyingbeader said...

Oh, I hope you get this house that you like. I do remember Los Angeles being hot during the day, but not humidity like here in the MidWest. But at night the ocean breeze would come in & we actually had to use blankets. I don't even remember having a fan at our house. The pictures look lovely. Have you picked out your studio yet? That's the important thing!