Saturday, January 06, 2018

Last Pattern

Just finished listing the last of my patterns.  I do have a few more, but they're all before 2000 and need revamping.  

One of the big things they need are the diagrams describing the steps of how to.

Which, if you think about how long ago that was and that I started this venture in 1999.   So for today I think this is good and who knows you may see one pop up some time?!?

It would be interesting to re-make one of them, maybe even take notes and a new pic at the end???  Oh' gosh did I just challenge myself????  Maybe! :)

1 comment:

Florriedaydream said...

Looking forward to the result if you do. I still have a copy of a pattern that was in a magazine, think about 1999. It was under the heading 'A Lonesome Troll.' Glad you are feeling much better now.