Monday, March 05, 2007

And now there are two

Today I worked on yet another Troll Baby and now there are two. Oh' they are so cute, I can hardly stand it. I'll probably have to make a few more before its all said and done.


Angelcat said...

These are just amazingly cute. I want to grab one and give him a hug!

Heera said...

They are so very adorable Ute. Too beautiful and cuddly! Love them!

Pink Raven said...

The babies are just the SWEETEST thing I've ever seen!!! I happened upon your blog while looking at links from a another blog which I reached from another... LOL!!! I just went and took a look at your web site and was looking at your patterns. I stumbled upon "Rae" who even looks like me... tied back salt and pepper hair, pet pig and all!!!
You do wonderful things!


Clothmatters said...

Your Troll Babies are adorable!