Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Troll Baby

Oh' my......I'm in love with this tiny Troll Baby. It's so small it cradles in my hand just perfectly! I may have to make another, and another. I'm not kidding!! This is the Troll Baby that my Crow Mother found in the garden. She heard it crying.......swooped it up to keep it from harm. If you're thinking twice about taking this class....I suggest you not wait too long. ;-)


sammy said...

I can't believe how very tiny you can get so much awesome detail on... this baby is so cute you just want to adopt it to hug! I will be going to AFIC also and look forward to meeting you and seeing your trolls up close and personal!

Pedro said...

is cute baby , i love it all the art that you do
kisses from Peru

Susan said...

I saw one of your babies this weekend! Allison brought him with her to Texas! I can't make AFIC but I'm gonna be FIRST in line to buy the pattern when it's available... I LOVE THAT BABY! :)