Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Playing with Cloth

Making faces is probably my most favorite part of making Trolls.  Today I decided to play a bit.

Sitting in my upstairs studio which is slowly warming up as the outside temps go up.    So I thought I would share my progress for this afternoon with you.

It feels good to be trolling.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the start of either a new Troll or another head. ;-)


flyingbeader said...

I love any troll head that you make. This one looks so squishie, but cute

Stephanie said...

He's quite cute with its red nose.

Countryzicke said...

Oh ja, wieder ein Troll. Ich bin jetzt schon ganz verliebt wenn ich dieses Trollköpfchen sehe und die süße Nase. Bin schon gespannt wie es weiter geht.