Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back in time

It's been a while since I've posted...............so this morning while walking my dog Charlie I had a thought?!?  Since I'm stuck in a creative slump right now, I thought it might be fun to go back in time.

Now I'm sitting here digging thru photos from years ago.  Realizing how many dolls I have actually made and how far I've come and how they have changed.  Wow!!!  Not even sure where to start. LOL  So I'll post a few pics and hopefully my memory will serve me well and I can tell you a little about each doll.

This is my first and only Hoffman Challenge Doll, dated 1995.

Can't really tell you much.  The body is made from Robe Velour. The hair is made from a human wig.  Leather boots and a frog on her lap.  She did travel for the entire year.  Hmmmm.....let's see my daughter was born in 1991, so this doll was in the very beginning stages of my Doll making Adventure.


Hanni said...

Hallo Ute, you have come along way!

Countryzicke said...

Ich liebe deine Trolle, jeder hat seine eigene Persönlichkeit. Ich freu mich auf weitere Trolle von Dir. Und schaue immer ganz gespannt, das ich auch ja nicht verpasse wenn du einen Online-Workshop anbietest. Dann wäre ich sofort dabei. Manchmal geht es mir auch so, da möchte ich was machen neues umsetzen und mir kommt die richtige Idee nicht. Dann gehe ich auch spazieren. (mit Ronja)
Du wirst bestimmt bald wieder voll neuer Ideen sein.

Stephanie said...

Your style of doll making has greatly improved over the years. That is a long time creating trolls.