Friday, February 03, 2012

taking her time

Well as you can see the new Troll is taking her time.

I gave her different hair and she got a dress made from "one" t-shirt sleeve.  This afternoon I made her a flower.  Again made from t-shirt.

Now keep in mind that everything is pinned, just in case we should have a change of heart in what to wear and what sort hair style.

But no worries, I'll keep  you posted. ;-)
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jeanne said...

She is FANTASTIC her.
Really cute with all those teeth...jeanne

Hanni said...

I think she looks good, she got my approval.

Stephanie said...

She is so sweet, adorable. Nice you are recycling old t-shirts. I guess you keep everything in case you might need it for one of your trolls.

Countryzicke said...

Ohhhhh sie ist so süüüüüß. Ich freu mich auf mehr Bilder. Und ich würde mich freuen wenn das mit einen OnlineWorkshop von dir klappen würde.

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is adorable.