Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting some clothes

When I woke this morning, I heard a little Troll calling me to get her dressed. LOL

Well, to make a long story short I have a stash of old socks.  Why you ask.........that's a whole other story.

Anyways, the little girl wanted tights and as you can see one thing led to another and now she's even wearing a cute little dress.  Well it's pinned.  I'm thinking she'll need a Trollish sweater or something?!?

And this is how Trolls tend to have a mind of their very own.

More later!!!


Conny's Cottage said...

Was fuer ein Meisterwerk!!!

Und nun gehen ich bei dir weiter Stoebern,

Herzlich Conny

Hanni said...

What a sweetie!

Hanni said...

What a sweetie!