Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Troll Time

Time for a new Troll?!? I spent the last few hours making a troll head. The ears are part of the head. As I was sculpting the head, the ears pulled back towards the back of the head as though as if they heard something far away.

I love when things like this happen. ;-)

Oh' how I wish they could talk!  Imagine the stories these little creatures would tell?!?

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Countryzicke said...

Der Kopf sieht schon wieder vielverprechend aus, und dann die rosa/rote Nase, süß. Aber ich glaub mein Favorit bleibt der Troll im Bademantel, er hat es mir irgendwie angetan.

klingeling said...

Der ist super , ein kleiner Troll.
Da bin ich mal gespannt wie er aussieht wenn er fertig ist.
Liebe Grüße Karola

Ayala ArtDolls said...

What an adorable face!!

jeanne said...

Like how you're doing the ear can't wait to see who this little troll will be?

Hanni said...

What a lovely face!

Fran said...

OOO! How cute. Love all of your creations.