Thursday, May 05, 2011

Life is good

I spent the last four days with some dear friends of mine.   Carol and her husband Bobby are driving across the country and they stopped into see us.  We took some time to go to a couple Presidential Libraries.  On Monday we went to Ronald Reagan's Library and on Wednesday we went to Richard Nixon.

It was very interesting to learn about each one and it was great fun! We shared stories, did a little shopping, ate good food and just had a good time.

Today I made new hands for my class Steampunk Oddfae class.  It's so warm that the clay gets soft really fast, but I managed to get the hands sculpted and baked.  Then I attached them to the armature and painted the face and hands.

Tomorrow it's back to pattern instructions.


customteddys said...

Your art is so amazing. It must be a blast to watch your creations come to life. I agree.... life is good!

Stephanie said...

Wow! I am also amazed at your talent in creating these cute creatures. Looking forward to what he will look like in the final process.