Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fur ~ not sure if I like it

Yesterday I spent a few hours on my Troll. Like I said the process is slow. Which is fine! I tried on many different colors and types of hair. This is the one that spoke the most to me?!? It's real fur some kind of Rabbit, I think? As I was cutting it, hair was flying every where. Not sure I like that. I wanted something longer. Her jacket is made from a loosely woven scarf and of course the edges were fraying fast. So using Sobo glue I painted all around the edges.

This is how she sits and she doesn't look so mad any more?!?
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Trudie said...

She is looking happier by the day. Excellent!

Shashi Nayagam said...

No she doesn't look mad infact she looks as though she has had enough for the day and just has to sit down to get a breather.
Lovely work.

Stephanie said...

She is beautiful, nice work, Ute!

Lotus said...

Hi Ute!
You know, I hope you don't mind me tossing in my idea, but I picture her with a long, gray braid! She reminds me of an old wise woman.
Take it easy

flyingbeader said...

Hum...well I think she does look like she's still a little upset. I like Lotus' idea of a gray braid.

UteV said...

Thanks all for posting and especially for taking a look. ;-)
I am considering long grey hair, but you'll have to be patient.

duendes said...

ute hello, how are you?
she is adorable looks so attentive to everything going on around!

Gesche said...

Hallo Ute,

ja, ich glaube lange graue Haare wären klasse!
Aber auch so gefällt sie mir sehr gut, wünschte, ich könnte solche Trolle auch so gut machen.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland