Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rolling along

Today was the day were things just clicked!  Don't know why?!?  Anyways, I re-worked the legs and added wire, so that he'll be able to stand better.  Yesterday I sewed the arms which I finished today.  And this afternoon ............the head.

I thank Steffi for showing me the cool eyebrows.  Oh' I'm sure he'll under go a few changes before it's all said and done, but for tonight..........this is were he is.

My camera has been acting up, corrupting pics for no good reason? Maybe it's time to get a new one???


Yael said...

You see dear Ute, I told you they come back!!! Good you opened the door! That fellow looks wonderful, can't wait to see him finished!
Have a lovely Sunday!

UteV said...

Yael, thank you!