Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Peter the Pack Rat

Finally finished proof reading my lesson for an upcoming class.  And just finished the photo shoot for the second Peter the Pack Rat Troll.

I'm always amazed and how much time goes into creating, writing and editing the instructions.  Plus this is an instructional CD so I literally took hundreds of pics.

But all well worth it, because when you take picture of work in progress it gives you a "third" eye.  And sometimes things look very different.

And thanks to all the support from family and friends it keeps me moving forward. ;-)


Steffi said...

Er sieht genauso aus wie der andere. Das sind Zwillinge.
Ich liebe alle beide

Steffi said...

Every Peter ist so beautiful.
What is a Pack Rat?

UteV said...

Thank you Steffi. A Pack Rat is someone who collects things! And Peter has collected a lot of things over the years. ;-)