Sunday, July 25, 2010

I went to the Long Beach Quilt Festival

Friday I went to the Long Beach Quilt Festival, met up with my friend Dianne and spent the entire day looking at the most  awesome Quilts.  Well, OK not the entire day we did do some shopping too.  There were so many wonderful vendors, it was real hard not to buy from every other booth.

One good thing about my move..........since I just recently unpacked my stash of goodies I knew I didn't need to buy more fabric, trims and what ever other delicious eye candy I saw.  But that didn't mean that I couldn't touch it, dream about it or just for a split second think about buying it.

I came away with new ideas, added some books to my Christmas list and am inspired to dig out my Embellishing Machine and wool and make something.  Thanks to Jane LaFazlo, who gave a demo that was just amazing.

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