Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stare at something long enough

Stare at something long enough and you start to see things. That is just what happened here.

So you know this piece of fabric will have to stay this way. I just love when things like this happen.

I'll stare at it a while longer.........who knows what else may appear?!?


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

At first glance I thought that it was pretty amazing how a rust print would make this little roly poly alien. But then I saw your enhancing pencil marks. It's a fun print - plus I think he'd make a great softie/doll.

Fran said...

Inside your Roly Poly I see a pouring pitcher with the number 8.
Top left (looking at the screen)I see a face and Top right(looking at the screen) I see a profile of a face. Right corner bottom of the screen I see a Sun Bonnet lady standing side ways. Under the the foot of the Roly Poly (left side of the screen) I see a rag doll with face and dressed in a shirt type dress. Behind her head is a big moon. I probably could find more. :-) I love doing that. LOL

UteV said...

Tami, i just had fun with it.

Fran, i'd love for you to print out the picture and draw what you see. I'll even post it. Let me know I can send you a bigger size.

How cool!

Fran said...

:-) Send me the picture and I will draw what I see.