Thursday, February 04, 2010

Changes are happening

I've spent the last few days working on Peter the Pack Rat. So many ideas and visions running around in my head. Sometimes it's hard to get them out.

This has been a fun project. Yesterday I over dyed a skirt that I had picked up at the thrift store. It came out a little darker then I wanted, but it was an interesting process. Today I made the pants using the over dyed fabric.

This afternoon I distressed the suitcase he's sitting on and added little travel stickers. It's been great...........I love this part of being creative.


Stephanie said...

He is wonderful! He looks like he has lots of character. Love the trunk too! I always look forward to seeing your new creations. Great work too.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

He's looking great! I love his little suitcase too.

flyingbeader said...

Tell Peter that if you don't like his pack rat nature, he can finish packing that bag & come to live with me!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, it looks nice and funny.
So sweet.

Countryzicke said...

Grüße aus Deutschland!

Hallo Ute,

der ist total süüüüüß geworden.
Und den Koffer hat er auch schon gepackt. Ich glaub der will zu mir.
Also ich würde ihn reinlassen.
Alles liebe

UteV said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. He has been fun to make. Today I plan on working on his shoes and adding some rings to his ears and who know what else.

I'll post another photo later. ;-)

Anonymous said...

He is so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see him when you are all done.