Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time Together

Time seems to be flying by these days! Only five days until Hanna moves into the dorm. Then it'll be just three weeks before we pack up and move to California. It's crazy!! So today we had a little us time. We went out to lunch and afterwards treated our selves to a pedicure.

Zebra striped toe nails. So when life gives you lemons, go have a pedicure!

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Ree said...

Oh wicked cool toesies ladies!!! What fun!

You are so right, the time does fly! My oldest is now in 11th grade and I am freaking wondering how I am going to cope in another year eeeeee.

So glad you had a special fun day with your daughter!

Thank you so very much for the kind comment on Goblyn! You made my day! You are one of my fav artists so I am beaming!

Ahhhh now the cats. Well........ our cats are not use to travel so it was not a fun experience at all. At first we though we could get by with using a kitty carrier for them but it was a no go. We ended up with them in the cab. I was told by someone else that you can get a sedative from a vet that you give right before leaving and it helps a whole lot with settling them. Ofcourse I didn't find this out till after the fact and still might not have done it due to Moppet being almost 15 years old.