Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good for the soul

Yesterday.......was one of those days! Waiting for the UPS person to come and they never did. Trying to keep positive thoughts! So I decided to get in some studio time. When I get a bug to do something......it bugs me til I do it. I've played with this method before, but I really need to take it further.

T-shirt fabric is almost as forgiving as the Doe Suede or Buck Suede. But as you see by the picture I did poke a hole. So anyways, I needle sculpted a head using an old T-shirt. It's pretty cool because you can really exaggerate features. Then I painted the entire head using Paverpol. It only took a few hours and the head was very hard. Pretty cool! I can see this as puppet material. ;-)


Ree said...

Ute that is fantastic! What a wonderful idea!
Will you be making more this way? I cannot wait to see!

I so look forward to getting some of your patterns down the road, or taking one of your classes! I have admired your trolls so many many times! Simply amazing!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Fran said...

This is COOL!!! I love the expression on his/her face. Can't wait to see this one finished.