Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fur Collar

Today I took the fur off a Jean jacket. It was quite a bit of work, but this hair will be awesome on a troll. And actually I have enough fur for many Trolls. LOL

I'll be keeping my eyes out for more. I just love recycling things that are no longer being used.

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Tami Eveslage said...

Hi, Ute!
I have long been a fan of your work and have just added your blog link to mine. I make sculpted dolls and also Teddy Bears. I save my mohair (and alpaca) scraps since I hate to throw things away and mohair is so expensive. But most of the scraps cannot be made into a smaller bear due to the length of the fur (about a one inch nap). I'll send you a bag, if you'd like. The fur is on a woven backing and it can be overdyed in any color. You can contact me through my website
I'd love to have you visit my blog as well.