Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Female Troll Finished

OK, I'm the first to admit, that I can get really anal about the finishing touches sometimes. Today I finally finished the female "Little Folk" Troll. She was being very stubborn about being photographed. You would have thought she was shy or something. I'm please with the results. And may take some more photo's another day. But for now here she is


Tami said...

Oh my goodness, she's the Carol Burnett of trolls! She's awesome! :-)

Judi W. said...

she is utterly fabulous! tons of personality! congrats on making it through phase two - i'm betting you make it all the way!

Anonymous said...

Ute, your dolls just get better and better, warts 'n all ! I love the finishing touches, keep on adding them. Ich bedanke mich dafür, dass Sie mit uns Ihre "work in progress" und Ihren Ideen teilen. Entsculdigung für die Qualität meines geschriebenen Deutsche. Ich bin besser davon in Lesen als Schreiben. I love the UFOs !