Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crow Mother Class

I just uploaded some new pictures to my website. I taught at Doll U at the beginning of the month and am slowly getting things put up on my website. But I thought I would share this awesome Crow Mom with you all. I just love this pose. Watch for more Crow pictures on my website in the next few days!


Tami said...

Hi Ute, the crow mothers turned out great. I especially loved seeing them lined up at Doll U. Everyone's getting pretty excited about you coming to Gals & Dolls in January to teach a class. :-)

(Oh, I tried to get to your website from the blog's link, but it's broken.)

Colleen said...

You are right, this pose is so expressive! So sweet. I heard from Doll Street members how great your class was. Lucky people.

Ute said...

Hi Tami,
I can't wait to be some where warm come January. ;-)

Thanks for the note about the link, it seems to be working OK now.