Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shorite Class at Camp Doll U

Back home! I spent the past five days in Issaquah, WA at Camp Doll U. I had the best time!! My class was filled with wonderful students from all over the continent and as far away as Chile. We spent Friday and Saturday making Shortie. I have to say some of the best hours were when the little Butt Gussets were sewn in and then of course when everything came together and each troll came to life. Each was unique to their owners, I think some of them even looked like their maker!

The above photo shows some of them and I will post some more class pictures in the next couple of weeks on my website. We had a total of 13 trolls. It was great fun seeing them all together.

Sunday was spent learning how to transfer images to fabric and then using them in either an ATC or some sort of Fiber page. It was great seeing those come together and I even learned a couple new things from students. That's always fun!! Sunday closed with a campfire banquet, show-n-tell and a raffle. If you have never gone, you may want to consider it.

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Judi said...

What a great line-up! I hear one of the trolls was wearing a pink bikini!! Looking forward to seeing more photos at a later date.