Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Copyright Issues

So it's been a while since I've posted?!?  Over the past two month several people have infringed on my copyright laws and I know this is an on-going issue, but you DO NOT have permission to take my patterns and post them on the internet or have on-line classes.

What is copyright infringement?
As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner. 

 I know you might think that Italy or Germany is far enough away, but it's not.  So please respect the work that I put into creating these amazing Trolls...........or one day they'll be no more.

Leaving off the tail and belly button, changing the clothing does not make it your design.  It will always be MY design and my pattern.  And if I hear that you have infringed on my copyrights, I WILL take action!!!  The above Trolls were done in Germany in an on-line class and even though changes were made they are still very  recognizable to my pattern?!?  This is what I mean about copyright infringement!


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I'm sorry to see that someone's done this to you Ute. Hopefully they took down the class and this won't be repeated.

Colleen said...

Sadly I think that this issue is one that many doll designers have experienced. I find that people really don't understand that your designs are your intellectual property and that they are stealing from you - most importantly stealing your income, but also stealing a little bit of yourself. When I've experienced this myself, I've taken time to explain why this is so wrong to the person that does it and it is clear that they have no idea just how much work goes into producing a pattern. For those of us who do understand, we appreciate all your hard work and creativity.

José said...

Dear Ute,
I just read your post and I am so sad people do this! You make amazing trolls and people must respect that! I hope you will not give up making trolls!! I made some trolls from your patterns now but I will never ever share a pattern. Making a troll is so much work so I can imagine that designing a troll is so much more work. I still did not give away ( or sold one of the trolls) I made because they are so special to me and thanks to you I can make them.
Please go on with making trolls!!

Auntie-M said...

But it is permissable to sell a finished product from your patterns if your name is listed on a tag or label as the designer; is it not?

LynAnne Smucker said...

Your Watchful Eye class (at the Kansas City Doll Fair when it still existed) was the first doll making workshop I took. I learned so much from that class, and after making dolls from other doll designers patterns really came to appreicate all the work you do in designing your trolls and in writing the very detailed and clear directions (not all patterns are equal). If I ever were to design a pattern for use I would start with my own orginal drawings and make lots of proto types until I had something that was good enough for the public. Knowing the amount of work that takes is part of why I'm not a pattern designer. I have sold some of the dolls I've made, but only with permission of the pattern designer and only with given copyright credit to the orginal pattern creator. I hope that other people listen to your message and that you patterns continue to come out and delight the dollmakers who buy them. I know that the Troll I made holds a special spot in my heart.

Anonymous said...

I know what You mean. Take a look at this site in Brazil
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