Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Becka found a friend

Tuesday mornings I usually go to the Flea Market and today was no exception. And no I don't need more stuff, but it's fun to go and see what the different vendors have brought. At one of the table I spotted this taxidermy duckling. Brought her home and my little Troll Becka fell in love with our new adopted friend.

I got quite a few other things that will someday find their place.

Actually I think it's the hunt for the little trinkets that really makes it fun.  Some days I don't find anything and other days two or three.  Today was a two or three or four kind of day!!
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Countryzicke said...

Och, ist da süüüüüß.

jeanne said...

How perfect was this find for the little troll.
I love flee markets too as a person can find a lot of things for crafts, sewing etc.
Really cute Ute...jeanne

Gesche said...

Hallo Ute,

Becka und das kleine Küken scheinen sich wirklich gut zu verstehen! Ich wünsche Dir, daß Du noch viele schöne Dinge auf dem Markt findest!

Liebe Grüße

Stephanie said...

ooh that is soo cute!

Hawaiian Dolls said...

So adorable!

Fran said...

OOOOOOH! How cute. Love your trolls. I don't know if I told you are not; I live in Texas now.

Stormyweather Banks said...

Where is the doll meeting for July and can I join the meeting for the doll class? I would love to meet you also. PLEASSSSE CAN I COME? LOL...Stormy

UteV said...

Can you email me and I'll send you the details? utes.trolls@gmail.com

Diny said...

That is so sweet!
Love your trolls.
Greetings, Diny