Saturday, July 16, 2016

Please welcome Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Voila!  I can't even express how very pleased I am right now.  I stayed focused and got them done.  Although they are not identical twins, they are very close.  It was another fun way to push myself into creating something that I may not have otherwise.  These two will go to Washington DC next week for ODACA Day.

I hope I see you there!

These two measure approximately 8.5" tall.  Made of 100% polyester, needle sculpted faces, opposable thumbs.  Pants are made from vintage Kimono scraps.  Shoes are from a black T-shirt, that was painted with Sobo glue for stiffness.  The hats are the lids from vintage metal film canisters.


Anonymous said...

They are really cute! Twins but slightly different. Are those bottle top hats? How tall are they?

Florriedaydream said...

Adorable. Somehow your little folk always manage to evoke memories of people I know or have known. Immediately,the tweedles are twins I knew from my childhood who I was convinced I would marry. It changed weekly which one! Two of my favourites are Henry and Stanley who bring back bitter sweet memories. I nursed in a hospice here in the UK and I am reminded of two of the patients I nursed every time I see their photo. Don't know how you do are amazing.

UteV said...

Hats are made using the caps from some vintage tin film canisters and they measure 8.5" tall.

Michele Ashmore said...

They are wonderful Ute. Thanks for sharing.