Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another way of being Creative

Some of may be wondering what I have been up to lately?!?  Not making Trolls.........sometime the creative energy needs to be recharged on a different level.  I find my self making something on a daily basis.  This week I was busy working on my new journal.

Here are a few pages that I have decorated.  And I can't wait to write on these pages.

Being creative in other ways, helps me to get to my next Troll adventure!

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Stephanie said...

I like your journal pages. May I ask how you set up your blog to have the tabs up top? Is it your own template or does Blogger have this template? I want to start selling my wares on another site and was wondering how one sets this up on the blog itself. Thanks I would appreciate any feedback when you have a spare moment.


UteV said...

Go to your Blog layout, Add a Gadget, then add link List. There is where you'll enter you're URL's for your website or Etsy or what ever you want under the heading. In Layout drag that box underneath the header. Hope that helps. ;-)

Fran said...

Wonderful joural pages you created. Sometimes one has to not create dolls and create somehting else.