Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

The first day of the new year has come and gone.  I thought about a New Years resolution?  Couldn't really think of anything that I wouldn't break in the first month. LOL

So instead I will finish some UFO's and I will try to make "something" to gift once a month.  Notice I said "try"?!?  In the middle of November I always have good intentions and may get two or three hand made things done before Christmas arrives.  This year I'd like to try a different approach.

Your suggestions for actually making this happen are greatly appreciated. :-)


Liz said...

"This year I'd like to try a different approach." I love it! It is a resolution that isn't a resolution! I may have to use it myself.

UteV said...

You go for it! Maybe we can check each other at the end of the year and see how we did. LOL